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Whiteside Shaklee Group

Become a Qualified Distributor

Share the Shaklee products and business, teach and lead a team, and earn – extra cash to a career income. Helping people live younger longer can be very rewarding!


Eligible to participate in Compensation Plan Bonuses    
Eligible to earn Personal Group Volume Bonus (4% - 20%)*    
Three months Personal Website - online store**    
An entire suite of digital tools to grow your business online and on social media    
Receive 30% off SRP and Full PV on Success Packs during your first full calendar month    
Eligible to earn Success Bonuses    
Eligible to participate in FastTRACK    
Eligible to build your business internationally    

To unlock Qualified Distributor benefits, purchase one or more Success Packs in your first full calendar month. Our most successful leaders recommend choosing three packs with which to start. Alternatively, you can unlock Qualified Distributor benefits by purchasing a New Distributor Welcome Kit and paying a $150 fee.

* 20% Personal Group Volume Bonus required appointment to Director

** Three months Personal Website- online store is available with the purchase of the $49.95 New Distributor Welcome Kit or with Distributor Upgrade of $29.95.

Join as a Distributor

$49.95 Distributor Welcome Kit*

To start as a Distributor, purchase a Distributor Welcome Kit for $49.95 with everything you need for a quick start in your Shaklee business, including product catalogs, Distributor Reference Guide, business building brochures and additional value, which includes three months personal online store and an entire suite of digital tools to promote your business online.

* $49.95 Distributor Welcome Kit includes: 3 Months Personal online store and an entire suite of digital tools: Shaklee Connect with Evites (mobile app and desktop access), Shaklee Healthprint™,, Shaklee Social, Hotline Podcast, Shaklee University, Naturally Blog.

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